Do our websites use cookies and can another party collect data on my visit on Kojamo´s websites?

(Updated 26 October 2019)

We collect, process and analyse data regarding the use of our websites. We may collect data concerning your device through cookies and other similar techniques, such as the browser´s local storage. We may use data to identify individual persons.

Cookies are usually small text files which are placed on the user´s device by the web browser in order to identify and re-identify the user. By using cookies, we can recognise your browser and use the data gathered through them, for example, to count the browsers visiting our website and analyse the use of our website. This way, we aim to improve our online services to better satisfy the users´ needs.

Cookies may be used to collect, e.g. the following information:

  • the user´s IP address;
  • time of visit;
  • visited pages and the time spent on them;
  • browser type, operating system of the device;
  • the URL from which the user arrived to the website and the URL to which the user moves after visiting the website; and
  • the server and domain from which the user has arrived to the website.

The website may also contain cookies from third parties, such as analytics and monitoring services and advertising networks.

Third parties may place cookies on your device during your visit on Kojamo´s website.

We also use the cookies on our website to target our advertising on third-party websites. We work together with companies specialised in web advertising technologies. Based on the data collected through cookies and other techniques provided by these partners, our advertisements can be targeted to users who, based on their previous online behaviour and on other factors, are likely to be the most interested in our advertisements. In these cases, data concerning behaviour collected from third-party websites can also be used for targeting.

We and our partners can also collect data about how efficient our advertisements are. For this purpose, we can collect, e.g. the following data:

  • how many times a specific advertisement has been shown in the browser;
  • whether the advertisement was viewed or not;
  • whether viewing the advertisement led to renting an apartment.

Our websites may contain links to third-party websites, but we are not liable for the privacy policies or content of such websites.

We encourage you to review the terms of privacy of each website.

If you wish, you can control the extent to which you consent to the use of cookies and advertisement targeting. You can change your browser settings to reject cookies. Please note that if you reject cookies, some of the functionalities of Kojamo´s website may not be available to you.

If you do not wish for advertisements to be targeted based on your fields of interest, you can block targeted ads through the links below. If you block targeted ads, you will be shown as many advertisements as before, but they will not be selected according to your interests.

Adform targeting can be blocked here
Google targeting can be blocked here
Facebook targeting can be blocked here
Targeting by other third parties can be blocked here

We track the use of the website using Fonecta Oy cookies.

Block Fonecta Oy cookies here.